We would like to introduce you to…

We’re off to another exciting year in the Department of English, the consequence of our welcoming new faculty. You’ll see our new folks in the photo at right; let us introduce them to you:

new faculty

From left: Dr. Benjamin Torbet, Susan Bailey, Scott Crossley , Dr. Shirley Hanshaw,
Dr. Thomas Anderson. Becky Whitten, Dr. Tennyson O'Donnell

Dr. Thomas Anderson comes to us from Southern New Hampshire University, where he taught literary theory, British literature survey, Shakespeare, and composition. Tommy will teach those same courses here, alternating with Dr. Greg Bentley in teaching our Shakespeare courses. Holding a PhD from Vanderbilt, Dr. Anderson has published several articles on Shakespeare and Milton; he also has a book forthcoming, Performing Early Modern Trauma from Shakespeare to Milton.

Having taught in Delaware and at Ole Miss, Dr. Shirley Hanshaw has begun her career at MSU by teaching Introduction to Literature. In spring semester ’06, she will also teach African American Literature, her specialty, to both advanced majors and to MA students. Dr. Hanshaw earned her PhD at Ole Miss, where she wrote her dissertation on “Re-membering and Surviving: Representations of the Vietnam War and its Aftermath in African American Fiction.” Her current scholarship grows out of this exciting project. Additionally, Dr. Hanshaw has worked as a technical writer/editor for the federal government.

We also have a new director for our Writing Center, Dr. Tennyson O’Donnell, who just this fall completed his PhD in rhetoric and composition at Syracuse University. In addition to administering the Writing Center and training MA interns to teach there one-on-one, Dr. O’Donnell teaches Advanced Composition; he also plans to develop courses in composition theory and the history of rhetoric.

Last year, Dr. Benjamin Torbert taught linguistics at MSU as a visiting professor; this year, we have moved him to a tenure-track position, where he will continue teaching Descriptive Grammar, Introduction to Linguistics, History of the English Language, and Language and Culture, as well as occasional sections of English literature. He has also begun work with visiting instructor Scott Crossley in revising our certification program in Teaching English as a Second Language. Dr. Torbert earned his PhD at Duke University.

In addition to these new assistant professors, we have hired three former lecturers as full-time instructors. Susan Bailey and Melissa McCool earned their MAs here at MSU; Rebecca Whitten earned her MA at the University of North Alabama. All three instructors teach Composition I, Composition II, and Introduction to Literature. We have also brought five new lecturers on board: Sarah Asmus, Ashley Belvin, and Shelly Sanders, all MAs from MSU, as well as Kelly Rimel, an MA from the University of Tennessee, and Susan Cook, a PhD from the University of London.

We’re excited to have all of these folks in our department, and we know that they will serve our students well.