Ann Spurlock, Composition Director

Ms. Ann Spurlock
Director of the Composition Program

2306 Lee Hall






The Composition Program

Courtney Kimbrough DueittThe offerings in English Composition are designed to meet the general requirements of the various academic programs at this university and comparable institutions. It is advantageous to students to complete these classes during the freshman or, if necessary, sophomore year.

Many of these classes are taught by Graduate Assistants under the supervision of program director Ann Spurlock. Others sections may be taught by instructors or lecturers, or members of the graduate faculty, with Honors sections taught exclusively by members of the graduate faculty.


Standard Requirements for English Composition Courses

In the interests of fairness to all students and teaching effectiveness, the Mississippi State University English department has adopted uniform textbooks for its standard composition classes (EN 0103, 1103, and 1113) and uniform course requirements. While individual classes will vary in accordance with the strengths and interests of the various instructors, all meet certain uniform requirements.

About the Composition Program

Curriculum and Goals