Mostafa Papi,

Visiting Assistant Professor

2314 Lee Hall
Department of English
P.O. Box E
Mississippi State, MS   39762

Mostafa Papi

Professional Bio

Mostafa Papi is an ABD doctoral candidate in the Second Language Studies Program at Michigan State University. He is interested in the social and psychological aspects of language learning especially motivation, emotions, and personality. His past research mainly focused on the topic of EFL/ESL learning motivation. He has published in major professional journals in the field of Applied Linguistics including Language Learning, System, International Journal of Applied Linguistics, and TESOL Quarterly. He is planning to research how motivation could influence the learning processes and outcomes involved in second language acquisition and how to improve second language pedagogy through motivational teaching.


Ph.D. in Second Language Studies, in progress: Michigan State University
M.A. in TEFL, 2009: Iran University of Science & Technology
B.A. in TEFL, 2006: Teacher Training University of Sabzevar

Teaching Interests

TESOL Theory and Practice, Second Language Learning, Research Methods in Applied Linguistics, Introductory Linguistics

Recent courses

Publications and Presentations

Papi, M., & Teimouri, Y. (2014). Language learner motivational types. Language Learning, 64(2).

Loewen, S., Lavolette, E., Spino, L. A., Papi, M., Schmidtke, J., Sterling, S. and Wolff, D. (2013), Statistical literacy among applied linguists and second language acquisition researchers. TESOL Quarterly. 

 Papi, M., & Abdollahzadeh, E. (2012). L2 teacher motivational practice, student motivation and possible L2 selves: An examination in the Iranian EFL context. Language Learning, 62, 571-594.

Papi, M., & Teimouri, Y. (2012). Dynamics of selves and motivation: A cross-sectional study in the EFL context of Iran. International Journal of Applied Linguistics. 22, 287–309.

Papi, M. (2010). The L2 motivational self system, L2 anxiety, and motivated behavior: A structural equation modeling approach. System, 38, 467-479. 

Taguchi, T., Magid, M., & Papi, M. (2009). The L2 motivational self system amongst Chinese, Japanese, and Iranian learners of English: A comparative study. In Z. Dörnyei & E. Ushioda (Eds.), Motivation, language identity and the L2 self (pp. 66–97). Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.