Linguistics and the Teaching of English as a Second Language


Wendy Herd

DR. Wendy Herd

Assistant Professsor and Director of TESOL



Cynthia Stevenson, College of Ed.: 325-2206 (cgs42@colled.

TESOL Supplemental Endorsement
at Mississippi State University

The TESOL supplemental endorsement is open to undergraduates in Education. The supplemental endorsement requires fifteen hours of course work:


  • EN 4403 Introduction to Linguistics (offered fall and spring)

In any order, after or concurrently with EN 4403/6403:

  • EN 3423 Descriptive English Grammar (fall)
    or EN 4443 English Syntax
  • EN 4463 Studies in Second Language Acquisition (fall and spring)
  • EN 4433 Approaches to TESOL (spring)
  • EN 4453 Methods in TESOL (fall)


Benefits of a TESOL Supplemental Endorsement

Holders of a TESOL supplemental endorsement and a Mississippi educator’s license are more marketable within the state of Mississippi as well as outside the state. Educators with a TESOL supplemental endorsement are better prepared to teach in multilingual environments and are uniquely placed to meet the growing demand for the teaching of  English as a second language.