TESOL Certificate application

Linguistics and the Teaching of English as a Second Language


Wendy Herd

Dr. Wendy Herd

Assistant Professsor and Director of TESOL



TESOL Certificate at Mississippi State University

Prepare for opportunities abroad
Learn techniques for language teaching
Work with English language learners in Mississippi

Five courses are required for the TESOL Certificate:

Two courses in theoretical background:

  • EN 4403/6403 Introduction to Linguistics  (to be taken in your first semester in the certificate program) (offered fall and spring)
  • EN 4463/6463 Studies in Second Language Acquisition (fall)

One of the following courses on the grammatical structure of English:

  • EN 4443/6443 English Syntax (spring)
  • EN 3423 Descriptive English Grammar (for undergraduate Elementary and Secondary English/Language Arts Education majors only) (fall)

Two  of the following courses in language teaching methodology:

  • EN 4433/6433 Approaches to TESOL (spring)
  • EN 4453/6453 Methods in TESOL (fall)
  • EN 4493/6493 TESOL Practicum

Note: On its own, the TESOL Certificate does not lead to K-12 ESOL certification, which is required to teach in the public school system in the U.S. However, the certificate can be added to a current or in-progress Mississippi educator’s license to obtain an ESL supplemental endorsement.

The TESOL certificate program is open to undergraduate and graduate students in good standing. Recent alumni, employees of MSU, and teachers in the state of Mississippi are also eligible for the graduate TESOL certificate program – please contact Wendy Herd wjh159@msstate.edu for details on how to register.

Benefits of a TESOL Certificate

Holders of a TESOL certificate and a Bachelor’s degree are strategically placed for a career teaching English as a foreign language in various countries outside of the United States. Many of these positions are with private businesses, private schools, or public school districts. Additional opportunities teaching English as second language exist in the United States as well.

Holders of a TESOL certificate and a Master’s degree are in a competitive position to teach English at the university level in numerous countries outside of the United States. Opportunities within the United States are also available.