Linguistics and the Teaching of English as a Second Language

Graduate Program

Undergraduate Studies


Linguistics and TESOL Classes

The following linguistic and TESOL classes are available at Mississippi State University at both the graduate and undergraduate level. For more information about how these classes can be applied toward a TESOL certificate, please click on the TESOL certificate link. For information about how these classes can be applied toward an English degree, please see the appropriate English Department page (Undergraduate Program or Graduate Program).

Undergraduate Only

EN 2403, Introduction to the Study of Language.

(3) Three hours lecture. Students will be introduced to the subfields of linguistics to answer questions they have about language and to provide evidence about language acquisition and use. (Same as AN 2403). This course fulfills a social science requirement for the MSU General Education core under either cross-listing.

EN 3423, Descriptive English Grammar

(3) Three hour lecture. Advanced course in English grammar. Offered each fall term.

Split-Level (Undergraduate or Graduate Credit)

EN 4403/6403, Introduction to Linguistics

(3) Three hours lecture. The descriptive and historical study of language; linguistic analysis and comparisons; language classification; language in its social and cultural setting. (Same as AN 4403/6403). Offered fall and spring terms.

EN 4413/6413, History of the English Language

(3) (Prerequisite: Twelve hours of English). Three hours lecture. The origin and development of the English language; past and ongoing changes in sounds and structure; influence of social history on language variation and change. Offered each spring term.

EN 4433/6433, Approaches to TESOL 

(3) Three hours lecture. This course covers various approaches to language teaching, including course design, classroom management, and sociocultural and sociopolitical issues surrounding being a language teacher. Offered each spring term.

EN 4443/6443, English Syntax

(3) Three hours lecture. Grammatical analysis of English with emphasis on pedagogical applications to teaching English as a foreign/second language. Offered each spring term.

EN 4453/6453, Methods in TESOL

(3) Three hours lecture. This course covers the various practical pedagogical approaches common in TESOL including methods for teaching reading, listening, speaking, and writing as well as communicative approaches. Offered each fall term.

EN 4463/6463 , Studies in Second Language Acquisition 

(3) (Prerequisite: EN 4403/6403 or consent of instructor). Three hours lecture. A survey of the major theories of language acquisition, concentrating on accounts of second language acquisition. Offered each fall term.

EN 4623/6623, Language and Culture

(3) Three hours lecture. Examination of language as a part of culture, a source of knowledge about other aspects of culture, and a social behavior. (Same as AN 4623/6623 and SO 4623/6623). Offered each fall term.

EN 4633/6633, Language and Society

(3) Three hours lecture. Examination of relationship between language and society. How language varies regionally and socially; people’s use of and attitudes toward different ways of speaking.  (Same as AN 4633/6633 and SO 4633/6633)Offered each spring term.